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My music can be described as synth pop with influences from the 80s and 90s. Some of the songs are instrumental, some are with vocals. I love strong melodic elements, a solid rhythmic drive and to experiment with synths to get a personal sound.  The sound is always based on hardware synths, the analog Sequential Prophet 6 or/and the 80s classic Yamaha DX7 IID.

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About my songs:

27/4/2019: "I won't let the sun go down on me" is a cover song written by Nik Kershaw (first released in 1983).
The young and talented Isak Sæheim Pedersen did the vocals and former bandmate Kai Even Waterloo Laugtug played the drums. Thanks a lot for your great work! I played the other instruments on an analog synth, the Sequential Prophet 6. I also did the musical arrangement, mixed and mastered the song. The release-page links to the song on Spotify and Apple Music. However, the song is also available on Tidal, iTunes, Google Play and Youtube Music.

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