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Unfortunately, I will not do any more mastering in the period July 1st to September 1st due to summer holidays and other projects.

ToneZone mastering is a small business located in Norway which offers online mastering for bedroom producers, artists and bands. Our goal is to provide professional sound quality and great service with a price tag most people can afford. We want to bring out the best in your music!

What we need from you:

We need a final mix of the song. The format should be a stereo wav-file with sample rate 44,1/48 kHz and bit depht 16/24/32. There should be no limiter inserted on the master track during rendering and the peak level must not exceed 0dB to avoid clipping. Please provide a download link to your mix and tell us in what music stores/streaming services you plan to release the song.

What we do:

We make the song ready for release! Our goal is to bring the best out of your music. Adjustments will be made on the basis of what we think works best from a musical point of view. Frequency balance, dynamics and loudness are essential focus areas. Some songs only need a minor polish, other need major corrections. We have both high quality analog gear and software and use what works best for the song. A mastered song should sound balanced, coherent and refined on different sound systems. We also customize the loudness of the song to suit most common music stores/streaming services (their standards are listed here).

What you get from us:

You will receive a final master which is a stereo wav-file with sample rate 44,1kHz and bit depht 16 (unless you ask for a different format), ready for upload to the music stores/streaming platforms.


We keep backup of every project for at least one year. This enables us to remaster a song at a reduced price if you make minor changes to the mix or want changes to the sound at a later time.


Norwegian customers - one song costs 500NOK, payment via bank account transfer or Vipps. International customers - one song costs 50USD, payment via Paypal.


Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or want us to master your song!

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